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Unlimited is a breathtaking riff on WipEout and F-Zero, hitting Early Access this year

by: Jason -
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If you haven’t heard, it’s video game showcase season, with a new event or livestream occurring nearly every day this week. We’re in video game heaven, if you will, but the abundance of announcements and trailers coming our way means it is easy to miss a good one. Earlier this week I randomly tuned-in to an indie game showcase for a few minutes, where I discovered Unlimited, a racing game inspired by classics such as WipEout and F-Zero.

As you can see in the trailer below, Unlimited is gorgeous, featuring a break-neck sense of speed and realistic handling physics to truly test your piloting skills. The developer makes it clear on the game’s Steam page that Unlimited is not an arcade racer, instead testing player abilities by managing ship inertia and boost. Oh yeah, and you can fly off the track to create your own shortcuts and shave seconds off your race time.

Unlimited is currently planned for a Steam Early Access release this year, but a free demo is available now. At Early Access, it will include races for up to 12 players, be it against the AI or online against other humans. Watching the gameplay trailer, all I can think about is how incredible this would play on the PS5’s DualSense controller – a guy can dream.