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Escape an Egyptian tomb in asymmetrical multiplayer game Sanctua

by: Jason -
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Solo developer Jason Nicot has announced asymmetrical multiplayer game Sanctua, launching in the first half of 2025. Developed in Unreal Engine 5, Sanctua tasks you and your friends with escaping a cursed Eqyptian tomb, but of course, one member of the party acts as the foil – playing as the ancient guardian to ensure you never make it out alive.

What’s unique about Sanctua in the asymmetric multiplayer space is its isometric camera view, which offers a wide view of your surroundings, should you have the proper amount of light at your disposal. No two games will play out the same, as the tomb layout, gadgets, and traps are all randomly generated each time. As the explorers (the good guys) navigate the tomb to gather clues in a bid to escape, the layout will also change as the walls close in on you. Meanwhile, the ancient guardian will actively hunt you down and attempt to either neutralize or convert explorers to the dark side.

Check out the reveal trailer for Sanctua below, and keep an eye out for a playtest taking place later this year.