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Co-op action RPG Wayfinder announces major changes

by: Jason -
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It has been the better part of a year since I dabbled in Wayfinder. I walked away from the Early Access period hopeful for its future, and today, we have a clearer picture of what that future will look like. On June 11th, the Echoes Update will launch for the Steam version of Wayfinder, with it coming to PlayStation 5 later in the year. It will also be available for purchase once again on June 11th, after previously being removed from the marketplace. Existing Steam Early Access players will gain access to the Echoes update on May 31st. In late 2024, Wayfinder will also make its debut on Xbox Series X|S consoles for the first time, which will coincide with its 1.0 launch.

The Echoes Update brings with it massive changes to the structure of the game. For starters, it is shifting away from being a service-based game, as well as dropping all online requirements. Players will now be able to play entirely offline, either solo or in three-player co-op, with no account requirements, logins, or other in-game purchases necessary. In lieu of this, Wayfinder will become a more traditional premium title, costing $24.99 during Early Access, with a price increase coming alongside its Xbox release. All of which are rare, but necessary changes, according to Airship Syndicate CEO and Creative Director Joe Madureira:

“To our knowledge this hasn’t been done before - taking an online-only game fully offline, fundamentally changing all aspects of it. We’re in uncharted territory, and it’s a big risk for Airship to make this change, but it’s one we believe in. We’re incredibly proud of the work our crew has done in such a period of time to make it happen. Our players have loved the world and characters, and with their continued support, we can keep expanding the game in the future.”

One other major note of housekeeping – PlayStation 4 support will be dropped once the Echoes Update hits PlayStation 5 later this year, but the developer will upgrade all PS4 versions to the PS5 one at no cost to players.

Beyond the structural changes, the gameplay itself is getting notable changes as well. There will be four difficulty settings, random weapon drops, collectible armor sets, streamlined acquisition of new characters, a new user interface, and a more traditional RPG talent system. Wayfinder will continue to receive content into the future, including new weapons, armor, new map areas, new quests, and more.

This is a seismic shift for both Wayfinder and Airship Syndicate. I respect the studio’s courage to make these sweeping changes, and I look forward to checking out the Echoes Update later this year on PS5.