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Slice of life game Fishbowl releases free demo on PC and PS5

by: Jason -
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Earlier this year we learned about the first batch of games coming out of PlayStation's India Hero Project, with one such project being slice of life game Fishbowl, a cozy coming-of-age story made by a team of just two people. A free demo just dropped for the game, allowing you to experience the first day of main character Alo's story. The game takes place over the course of a month, with Alo starting a new job which sees her working from home following the death of her grandmother. As you can see, Fishbowl features heavy themes, with 21-year-old Alo working through several of life's biggest changes all at once. The demo is available now on Steam and PlayStation 5.

Key Features:

  • Video call a diverse cast of characters with branching conversations
  • Work from home with a fun matching video editing game
  • Rediscover memories by solving unpacking puzzles
  • Do your best with home & self care or do as much as you like
  • Experience beautiful, hand-drawn pixel art and our cozy lofi soundtracks
  • Make decisions, uncover the past, and figure out life one day at a time