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Sustainable city-builder Imagine Earth now available on PlayStation, Switch, and Mac

by: Jason -
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Indie developer Serious Bros. has brought its sci-fi strategy city-builder Imagine Earth over to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and macOS today. Set in the year 2084, humanity has rendered Earth a desolate and veritable wasteland, which, consequently, has forced expansion further into the galaxy to survive.

Imagine Earth asks players to build humanity’s future by constructing new planetary settlements, surviving ecological disasters, engaging in colonial space trade, and defending against alien invasions. It features a story-based campaign, competitive mode against the AI, and a freeform procedurally generated mode. As you build up your colonies, you will have to fend off competing colonies who wish to establish economic dominance on newly discovered planets. To do so, a hostile takeover may be necessary by buying out the shares of your competitors, which sounds eerily familiar. Perhaps the biggest threat to your colonies will be climate-related disasters such as melting ice caps, rising sea levels, and global warming, which also sounds eerily familiar.

I scooped this one up on the PlayStation Store last night for a sweet launch window discount of 30% off. Check out a new trailer below: