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New Helldivers 2 'Polar Patriots' warbond arrives on May 9th

by: Jason -
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Patriots, the leaders of Super Earth are making good on their promise to deliver new armaments each month to aid our spread of managed democracy. A new dispatch arrived today from High Command advising that a new premium warbond is arriving on May 9th in Helldivers 2. Codnamed “Polar Patriots”, this new allotment of gear includes weapons, armor, capes, and forms of patriotic expression known as emotes.

Three new primary weapons will join the Helldiver arsenal, including the AR-61 Tenderizer – a high caliber assault rifle, the SMG-72 Pummeler – a slow-firing SMG with concussive rounds, and the PLAS-101 Purifier – which charges up to disperse devastating amounts of liberty. A new sidearm is being issued as well – the P-113 Verdict, which comes chambered in the largest cartridge yet available to the Helldivers.

Expect to deploy with two new gadgets, including the G-13 Incendiary Impact grenade which douses the area with white (hot) phosphorus, in addition to the Motivational Shocks, which liberate compatriots slowed by the undemocratic attacks of alien scum. And finally, Super Earth’s finest will also gain access to three new armors – the CW-36 Winter Warrior, CW-22 Kodiak, and CW-4 Arctic Ranger.

That’s all for now fellow Helldivers. Rest assured that Super Earth will be working diligently in the weeks ahead preparing yet another installment of tools to support our democratic efforts.