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THE FINALS getting limited time game mode on May 2nd

by: Jason -

One of 2023’s best first-person shooters, THE FINALS, is getting a new limited time game mode on May 2nd called Terminal Attack. The 5v5 mode is the “Rainbow Six Siege mode”, if you will, pitting teams against each other as one attacks and the other defends across seven rounds of play. Attackers must deposit cash into a terminal using a decryption key, while defenders try to hold them off of course.

The first team to win four rounds wins the match, with no respawns, no health regeneration, and no healing gadgets active. Terminal Attack mode is dropping alongside the 2.6 title update on Thursday. THE FINALS is still my go-to FPS, and the best part is that it is free-to-play. Check out a new trailer featuring the latest game mode below: