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New game studio Starlight Games announced, first projects revealed

by: Jason -
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New game studios pop up almost weekly nowadays, as the games industry experiences a sort of de-centralization of development talent, if you will. These new studio announcements don’t always catch my eye, but the one for developer Starlight Games did. Starlight is new studio based in Liverpool, United Kingdom with an impressive cast of senior leadership. It includes the co-creator of WipEout, Nick Burcombe, and the co-creator of Skate, Andy Santos, who also worked on the Resident Evil franchise, and PS VR2’s Horizon: Call of the Mountain. Starlight Games was founded by Gary Nichols, himself an alum of former WipEout creator Psygnosis.

Starlight Games’ will develop its games on Unreal Engine 5, including its first project, House of Golf 2, which is releasing this Summer for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. It is a mini-golf title with over 100 courses, weekly tournaments, and local four-player multiplayer. Hopefully they can find a way to add in online multiplayer as well.

Looking further ahead, Starlight also teased two other projects that are currently in development – a futuristic sports title being directed by Burcombe, and a strategy sci-fi rogue-lite action game. The team is also creating some Unreal Engine Fortnite experiences if that is your cup of tea. All three games sound interesting, but it’s the futuristic sports game that I find most intriguing. Sounds like it will be a while before we learn more about that one, but check out a trailer for the upcoming House of Golf 2 below.