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Kingdom Come: Deliverance II announced, releasing in 2024

by: Jason -
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At long last, developer Warhorse Studios has announced its return to Middle Ages central Europe, revealing Kingdom Come: Deliverance II yesterday. Perhaps the best part is that the sequel to the 2018 original is launching this year for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Warhorse says they have written and constructed the second game in such a way that even players who did not play the first one can feel comfortable jumping straight in, though I highly recommend the original.

In KCD II, we’re heading back to Bohemia (medieval Czech Republic) and picking up with protagonist Henry, the son of a blacksmith who rose to notoriety by aligning himself with royalty. The sequel takes place across two new maps, both double the size of the original game. Explore the Trosky Castle or the mining town of Kuttenberg as you navigate a kingdom embroiled in civil war.

Warhorse has reworked the combat system to make it more accessible to newcomers, while still depicting real medieval martial arts. It will also feature some new armaments such as crossbows and early versions of firearms. Of course, it wouldn’t be Kingdom Come: Deliverance without the freedom of its RPG mechanics, which let you interact with characters and solve quests in a variety of ways.

I want to say the original game is underrated, but it sold six million copies, according to Warhorse Studios, so it clearly found success. The second one can’t come soon enough. Just a PSA - the original game and all of it's DLC is currently on sale for $4 on some digital storefronts.