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Base defense co-op action RPG Wardens Rising launching this year

by: Jason -
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My favorite part of perusing the Gaming Nexus news chest is discovering a new game that speaks to me. Today that game is a co-op base defense action RPG called Wardens Rising, the debut title from developer Big Moxi Games. It features both solo and cooperative play for up to four players and sees you defending energy cores from hordes of enemies and bosses, blending hero shooter and base defense mechanics.

Wardens Rising will include a campaign mode with 24 cores to defend and four bosses to take down, in addition to a mission mode with waves of escalating challenge. As you level up your Warden, you’ll unlock new gear and abilities to customize your playstyle and tactics.

There is no firm launch date yet, but it is planned for a 2024 release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Key Features:

  • Unleash your inner Warden: Choose from five unique heroes, each with distinct abilities and playstyles. Master their skills and become the ultimate legend. 

  • Become a master strategist: Build and optimize your defenses, choosing from towers, traps, walls and more, before each invasion.Carefully manage resources, tech upgrades and positioning to create an impenetrable defense.

  • Customize to seize victory: Unlock, upgrade and customize your gear showcasing your unique style. Choose from six SPEC companions and a vast array of tactical items, each offering unique buffs and support and experiment with different builds and defenses - no one size fits all! 

  • Infinite Fun: Blast your way through 24 maps and take on four bosses in the story campaign or delve into endlessly replayable co-op missions across 12 maps with random invasions for hours of thrilling and strategic fun.