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Hades II now streaming Technical Test

by: Rob -
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This is pre-Early Access, but the devs over at Supergiant Games are now live-streaming Hades II. Calling it a technical test, the devs are playing through the new mechanics, power ups, and levels to the sequel to what I gave a perfect 10 in my review. There is possible an opportunity to join this technical test over on the Steam page for Hades II, where you will find a "Request Access" button below the "Add to Wishlist" option. As the devs are explaining, the technical test will start with a smaller number of players that will increase over time, and when the game moves into the next stage, Early Access, more characters and game options will be available. Access for the Technical Test will be handed over to players in the coming days and if you don't get in, the devs are explaining they are hoping to move through this phase and into Early Access as soon as they get this play test data back to ensure the game is stable for that next step.