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TopSpin 2K25 serves up first look at gameplay

by: Jason -
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We are less than one month from the launch of TopSpin 2K25, a return of the popular tennis sim franchise 13 years in the making. To mark the milestone yesterday, 2K shared a new gameplay trailer highlighting some of the game’s key features. For starters, several of the playable real-life pros will pack their own custom swing and serve animations thanks to motion capture tech, though the facial scans are a bit uncanny valley. Not every pro will have their signature animations at launch, but more will be added with each post-launch season.

Whether hitting your forehand, backhand, or serve, timing is key in TopSpin. A new timing meter will determine the quality of your shots, with perfect shots executed by pressing a swing button in the green timing window. I don’t know of a sports game on earth that doesn’t have a timing mechanic of some sort, but this one appears to be particularly fluid.

Court physics and environments have also received a big glow up in the decade-plus since the last entry in the series. Clay courts have sliding physics and kick up dust as players move across them, while grass courts show visual wear as your progress through a tournament.

Also tucked away in a new 2K blog post are notes that the game will include 48 playable venues, all modeled from the ground up, as well as four confirmed game modes – exhibition, MyCareer, World Tour and 2K Tour. You can read all about it on the game’s website, or check out the new gameplay trailer below. Of what we've seen so far, I would say that TopSpin 2K25 is holding serve.