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Planet Zoo is out today on consoles

by: Jason -
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After four years on PC, Frontier Developments zoo simulation Planet Zoo has arrived on consoles, releasing today on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles for $49.99. With all that time having passed, the console version includes years’ worth of updates and new content baked right in. Four modes are included – career, franchise, challenge, and sandbox. The one that has my curiosity is franchise mode, which lets you build a connected network of zoos that operate together.

The standard edition of the game includes over 70 animal species, each with its own animations and behavior patterns to learn and accommodate. As a proper management game, Planet Zoo also lets you unleash your creativity by building animal habitats and structures as your heart sees fit.

This one looks like a time thief, folks. Check out the console launch trailer below, and check back in the coming days for a full review from yours truly.