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Play the first hour of As Dusk Falls with PlayStation Plus

by: Rob -
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As Dusk Falls is a bit different when it comes to games. It's a bit of a choose your own adventure game following the outcomes of two families based on, of course, the choices you make for them. You don't shoot the gun or run from the danger by the skill of your movement. It's rather a character driven piece where you make the choice to run or shoot at all rather than hiding or some other desired outcome. As such understanding whether this is in fact, your bag, baby might not be so straightforward, even though Eric very much did find it his when he gave it an 8.8 in his review from a year and a half ago

That review was on Xbox but the game has since been ported over to PlayStation at the beginning of this month even incorporating new features such as haptic feedback through the Dual Sense controllers. To celebrate that launch Sony is offering the first hour of the game for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. The trial is available right through the PlayStation Store and progress will carry over into a full purchase of the game.  

As Dusk Falls and the free 1-hour trial are available on the PlayStation Store. Previous versions of the game can also be found through the Xbox Marketplace (or through Xbox Games Pass) as well as Steam, Gog, and the Epic Games Store. There will be a physical release of As Dusk Falls coming later in the spring. Keep an eye on the company website (https://serenityforge.com/) for details when they are available.