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MMORPG Chrono Odyssey shares new look at Unreal Engine 5 gameplay

by: Jason -
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Developer Chrono Studio announced it is teaming up with fellow South Korean publisher Kakao Games to bring open-world MMORPG Chrono Odyssey to market. More importantly, Chrono Studio revealed a new look at the game today during the “State of Unreal 2024” showcase. Unsurprisingly, the Unreal Engine 5 game looked gorgeous while showing off more of its world.

Chrono Odyssey will be a premium release, unlike some other MMORPGs, being dubbed a “buy-to-play” title that promises to deliver a AAA experience across PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles. The game is still mysterious in a lot of ways, but Chrono Studio says we can expect deep storytelling and character customization, along with time and space-manipulating gameplay mechanics.

There’s still no word on a release date, but have a look at the new trailer to hold you over: