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Vampire RPG V Rising launching May 8th for PC, later this year for PS5

by: Jason -
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Stunlock Studios announced yesterday that its open-world vampire survival game V Rising will leave Early Access and launch 1.0 on May 8th for PC, with a PlayStation 5 version coming later in the year. After selling nearly four million copies and garnering an 88% positive user rating on Steam, the launch version will feature a new territory, new equipment, a new endgame area, and a host of improvements.

In V Rising, you are a newly spawned vampire striving to become the next Dracula. To do so, you will feed on human blood to gain new powers, engage in PvE and PvP combat, and, of course, hide from the sunlight. Becoming more powerful will allow you to upgrade your dark and cozy vampire castle. Invite your friends to tag along while exploring, fighting, and attacking other players’ castles, or take a more diplomatic approach if PvP isn’t for you.

I can’t wait to check this out on PS5 later this year.