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Season 2 of The Finals is here

by: Jason -

Free-to-play FPS The Finals was arguably 2023's best shooter, boasting destructible environments, excellent gunplay, and cool class-based abilities that produced fun and emergent gameplay. Developer Embark Studios launched a second season of post-launch content this week and though I haven't had a chance to jump in, it looks great.

Season two features a new map, new gadgets and weapons for each class, new world events, a new playstyle, and a new 5v5 game mode called Power Shift. The theme of the season revolves around a hacker group known as CNS compromising the killer game show, as well as its contestants.

I can’t really do it justice like the new trailer can, so check it out below. Looks like I’ll be logging dozens of more hours on The Finals in 2024.