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Battlefield 2042 Season 7 'Turning Point' begins March 19th

by: Jason -
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Here we are yet again, my Battlefield friends, for a seventh season of Battlefield 2042 post-launch content. Revealed today by EA and DICE, Season 7: Turning Point brings with it the usual additions – a new map, new weapons, and new battle pass, as well as a new remote-controlled stealth bomber called the XFAD-F Draugr that will arrive later in the season.

EA is marketing the new season as including two new maps, though one is a rework of the Qatar stadium that was in the game at launch. If you’re Battlefield 2042 veteran, you will know that the stadium was removed from the map known as Hourglass. Well now it has returned as its very own map – Stadium – which will arrive later in the season as a close-quarters, infantry-only experience. The new map is set in the Atacama Desert in Chile and is called Haven. It is an urban setting that supports both infantry and vehicle-based combat.

New weapons include the AK 5C assault rifle, SCZ-3 submachine gun, DFR Strife light machine gun/assault rifle hybrid, and the Predator SRAW wire-guided missile launcher. The new battle pass will come with the usual 30 free items and 70 premium items, from weapon skins to specialist outfits. And finally, a free access weekend will take place March 21st through 24th, with all progress carrying over if you decide to purchase the full game, which will be discounted during that period.