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Multiplayer shooter Delta Force: Hawk Ops shows off Havoc Warfare gameplay

by: Jason -
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New information regarding free-to-play shooter Delta Force: Hawk Ops keeps rolling out almost weekly at this point. The development team recently shared another gameplay video with us, this time showing off the game’s Havoc Warfare mode. Havoc Warfare is an all-out warfare mode complete with large maps, vehicles, and class-based combat.

If you’re a Battlefield fan, you’ll feel right at home with Delta Force’s assault, sniper, engineer, and medic classes. You’ll also be able to get behind the wheel (or guns) of a variety of vehicles including tanks, boats, armored personnel carriers, ATVs, and, of course, Black Hawk helicopters. There will be 10 total vehicles at launch, with Havoc Warfare letting teams engage in assault-and-defend combat that is as close to a straight-up Battlefield competitor that I’ve ever seen.