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Co-op roguelike shooter Ultra Mega Cats hits Early Access this summer

by: Jason -
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Fallen Leaf Studio, the developer behind sci-fi thriller Fort Solis, has announced its next project, a cooperative roguelike shooter called Ultra Mega Cats. It’s heading to Steam Early Access this summer, but hopefully will come to additional platforms in the future.

In Ultra Mega Cats, you embark on an adventure to free three ancient feline gods from corporate prison by fighting your way through randomly generated rooms that grow in difficulty as you progress. Two playable feline heroes will be available during Early Access, with five available when it goes 1.0. Along those lines, two-player co-op will be included this summer, with four-players being able to team up for the full release. It also boasts a story-rich experience that will pull at the tale of each cat as you fight to free your furry god mothers. I’m sorry, I just couldn't resist.

Check out a trailer before you pounce, er, bounce: