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What the Golf? What's the release date?

by: Rob -

Announced last August, we've finally got a release date for the Playstation versions of WHAT THE GOLF? - the game will be landing on both PS4 and PS5 March 14th. Looks like I was off on my initial prediction of it landing late last calendar year, but this version will be complete with loads of previous updates like the Among-Us inspired Among Golf! 

WHAT THE GOLF? is a stupid, and stupid fun game that already works great on mobile. If you're into some silly fun I'm sure it will translate to consoles. I think the press release sums it up best:

  • Insanely stupid and silly fun. 

  • Not what you expect but exactly what you need.

  • Fixes golf once and for all.

  • Made by people who know nothing about golf.

  • First (and hopefully the last) game that lets you golf a horse. 

  • Will NOT make you a better golfer. In fact, it might make you worse.