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WHAT THE GOLF? is coming to Playstation

by: Rob -

WHAT THE GOLF? was an indie sensation that was about much more than golf. It is a wacky, irreverent, madcap game where occasionally you do strike a golf ball or aim at a hole, but rarely do both at the same time. Instead, you will often find those balls targeting dinner plates or other items for destruction; or else you might be launching your entire golfer himself instead of a piddly little white ball. I've mentioned it before in my Apple Arcade roundup and it really is a fun time for a while. 

Now, it has a chance to reach a wider audience, as it is coming to the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. Unfortunately, there is no firm release date and even the PS Store page only shows it as "Announced." What is available now, however, is a new update for the PC and Switch versions. The Among Golf update adds 35 new Among Us-inspired levels. And there's more to come as all versions (PC, Switch, and Playstation) are set to have regular update content packs released around various holidays. The first of which is the Beware of the Bogeyman Halloween-themed event that adds 5 levels. The expectation around these holiday themed events should fall into about a monthly cadence of content releases with Thanksgiving (Don't Stuff Me Now!), New Year's (Let's Par-tee!), Valentine's day (Love Birdies), and Cheese lovers day (Take it Cheesy) already announced. 

WHAT THE GOLF? is out now on mobile, PC, and Switch. While the Playstation versions don't have a release day, The developer Triband is claiming it will be in 2023, and with all the holiday packs to also feature on the new consoles I expect it won't be too terribly far out.