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Dark fantasy co-op RPG Legendary Tales launches February 8th for PS VR2

by: Jason -
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Developer Urban Wolf Games announced at yesterday’s PlayStation State of Play that its dark fantasy co-op RPG Legendary Tales is coming to PS VR2, and in short order, launching February 8th. You can play solo or with up to three friends, power-bombing enemies, according to the PlayStation Blog post. There are plenty of medieval weapons and armor to acquire, or if you’re more of a wizard, you can wield various types of magic instead.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper RPG with out a skill tree and abilities, which is present as well. As are weapon crafting, potion making, physics-based combat, and a quest-driven storyline. It also takes advantage of the PS VR2 hardware, including 4K, high dynamic range, eye tracking, foveated rendering, adaptive triggers, headset haptics, and a native 90 frames per second refresh rate. So, it has everything, basically.

My PS VR2 rig is heading back to Sony soon for repair – my right controller quit charging – so I don’t think I’ll be there at launch for Legendary Tales, but I will be hopping in as soon as possible. Now I just need to convince a couple of the Gaming Nexus lads to play co-op with me.