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Outcast - A New Beginning launches March 15th, nearly 25 years after the first game

by: Jason -
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After nearly a quarter of a century, a proper sequel to 1999 action-adventure game Outcast is nearly upon us. Launching March 15th for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series consoles, Outcast – A New Beginning, is a new open-world adventure featuring protagonist Cutter Slade. Mr. Slade has been resurrected into the alien world of Adelpha – a planet he once again sets out to save. After all this time, several members of the team behind the original Outcast game have reunited to create A New Beginning, including original composer Lennie Moore who is handling the music for this new entry.

If you’re like me and never played the original game, you can expect a vibrant open world without invisible guardrails, as well as complete control of how you approach story. The world of Adelpha is your oyster, and the non-linear nature of the narrative means this is a sandbox in a lot of ways. You can lead the Talan people’s resistance, ambush enemy convoys, fight against dangerous creatures, and use your jetpack to fly around the world.

Pre-orders are available now across platforms for a retail price of $69.99, with pre-order discounts that get it below $60 for the Standard Edition. A collector’s edition, called the Adelpha Edition, is also available for pre-order and includes a 9.5-inch Sai statue, exclusive steelbook case, three CDs with the game’s soundtrack, an artbook, and, of course, a copy of the game. That one will cost you a bit more, retailing for $199.99.

One final interesting note – the original game was remade in 2017 as Outcast: Second Contact, and it released on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. While writing this story, I discovered that it’s currently available on PlayStation Plus Extra, so if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a download to initiate.