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Get briefed on Helldivers 2 and its Galactic War in new trailer

by: Jason -
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As the Helldivers 2 marketing cycle marches on, today developer Arrowhead Game Studios has shared another deep dive look at the upcoming cooperative third-person shooter. In short, it continues to look stellar, but if you never played the first game, a new and nearly five-minute long trailer does the best job yet of setting the table for the sequel.

Arrowhead also put it into words in a new PlayStation Blog post, if you want to read all about it, but allow me to put a bow on it for you. Every player that fires up Helldivers 2 will take part in what is known as The Galactic War, with each mission contributing to the (literal) global campaign against the enemies of Super Earth. Helldivers 2 is set more than a century following the events of the first game, with the Helldivers once again called upon to defend humanity.

This war plays out across operations which each consist of up to three missions. These missions have varying objectives and could be as simple as eliminating an alien bug infestation, or gathering valuable intel. Every mission and operation that you or other players complete contribute to the overall war effort in real time. You can see this reflected at the War Table aboard your spaceship, which is also where you and your friends will choose where to spread managed democracy next.

The new trailer also shows a great look at armor, weapon, and loadout customization, which is another important aspect for you and your teammates to collaborate on. You don’t all want to bring a mech stratagem with you – or do you? Folks, listen, I can’t contain my excitement for this game. I’ve gone as far as convincing some pals to book a day off from work so that we can do our part.