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THE FINALS 1.5 update features quality-of-life changes, limited time game mode

by: Jason -

Developer Embark Studios' free-to-play multiplayer shooter THE FINALS stealth released during The Game Awards and has hit the ground running, amassing millions of players in just over a month. Today, the team of former Battlefield devs has released update 1.5, which brings a number of quality-of-life improvements to the game, weapon balancing, new cosmetics at the in-game store, and a limited time Solo Bank It game mode.

Solo Bank It is the same concept as regular Bank It, only solo – grab coins from dead players or vaults around the map, with the first player to bank $40,000 emerging victorious. I don’t dabble in the Bank It mode much, but I absolutely love THE FINALS. I’ve spent nearly 30 hours with the game, which has somehow pulled me away from my other personal mainstay shooter - Battlefield 2042.

Have a look at the 1.5 update trailer: