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Jason and I LOVED The Finals, and so do 10 Million others

by: joseph -

Jason Dailey and myself played a quick session of The Finals the other day, and this was before it reached it's milestone of 10 Million players! That's a lot of 3 on 3 on 3 action. The game's fully destructible environments, different classes (Light, Medium, and Heavy), and the fact that you just jump in and go, was absolutely appealing to me. Full cross play, fast action, and free? Sign me up. 

Embark Studios has also announced some free holiday cosmetics, and an in game season themed event. You can also sign up for Twitch drops, so people who see you play, can get items for the game for watching! And this is all in Season 1. 10 Million Players from a game that released December 7th, is pretty good! Check out Jason and I's stream below, and I might be able to get the Unusual Suspects to take a trip to dub city! Cash out!