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Open-world zombie survival game Welcome to ParadiZe shares new trailer, release date

by: Jason -
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Publisher Nacon and developer Eko Software have shared a new look at gameplay for their upcoming open-world multiplayer zombie survival game Welcome to ParadiZe, which is releasing February 29th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This fresh gameplay trailer shows off the game well, including a look at combat, zombie-controlling helmets, and base-building features.

In Welcome to ParadiZe, you’ve been summoned by billionaire playboy Jeff Tusk (clever) to utilize zombies to make survivalist life much easier for you. This is accomplished with a special hacking helmet that can be placed on a zombie to bend them to your will. You can even customize how they behave; want them to taunt other zombies? Just flip a switch. The game’s combat is a little reminiscent of Housemarque’s Dead Nation and features a slew of weapons that you can craft to slay zombies.

When you’re not busy exploring and killing the undead, you can establish your own camp by building fortifications, setting up traps, and programming zombies to defend your homestead while you’re away. It all looks and sounds very cool. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that it does support co-op for two players locally or up to four players online.