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Immortals of Aveum gets large free update, still criminally underrated

by: Jason -
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EA and Ascendant Studios have released a free update for its first-person magic shooter Immortals of Aveum this week. Dubbed “The Echollector”, this new DLC adds a batch of endgame content that continues protagonist Jak’s adventure with four new Shatterfanes (think Valkyrie challenges from God of War) that will be the ultimate test of your mage abilities. The first three Shatterfanes unlock a final boss fight for the fourth challenge. New gear and new lore surrounding the story of The Echollector are included with the update as well.

Ascendant has also added a new game plus mode, which lets you carryover your gear and abilities in a new playthrough, of course. There is also a new hardcore difficulty mode called Grand Magnus if you’re really feeling yourself, as well as numerous performance improvements.

If you’re on the fence about buying one of 2023’s most severely underrated games, a free trial is available now across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S so you can give it a go. Check out my full review here, if you please, and take a gander at the new Echollector DLC trailer below: