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Cute wizarding roguelike Spells & Secrets is out now

by: Jason -
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In a cute, cozy twist on the roguelike adventure game, Spells & Secrets is out now on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5, with an Xbox Series X|S release forthcoming. Spells & Secrets puts you in the shoes of a new student at the Academy of Greifenstein – a school for wizards. A strange incident unleashes wild creatures and magical chaos across the school grounds, which is where your newfound wizarding skills come in. Venture across the school, defeating creatures and solving puzzles while collecting powerful artifacts that allow you to increase your power and unlock new abilities that persist after death.

Spells & Secrets lets you create and customize your own wizard from head to toe, and can also be played in local co-op with a friend. You can pick up the game for a special 20% launch discount on PS5 and Switch until November 15th. Check out the brand-new launch trailer below: