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WWI shooter Isonzo gets free expansion on November 9th

by: Jason -
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Isonzo is a hidden gem first-person shooter that, honestly, I've been looking for an excuse to write about since picking it up a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, the WWI multiplayer game has granted that excuse today by announcing its free Marmolada expansion. The new DLC features a new map, new weapons, and new soldier cosmetics. The brand-new Marmolada map sees players battling in the highest peaks of the Dolomites in the manmade Austro-Hungarian Ice City.

The player base is a small but dedicated one for Isonzo, so if you aren’t sure about jumping in headfirst, it is getting a free play weekend soon after the release of Marmolada. I went in with no expectations after picking it up on a recent sale, and it has become one of my favorite shooters. It is a nice change of pace that I would describe as a middle-ground between Battlefield 1 and Hell Let Loose.