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Build it, break it, or blow it all up in a new look at Teardown

by: Jason -
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Acclaimed PC sandbox voxel destruction game Teardown is heading to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on November 15th, and today developer Tuxedo Labs has shared a new overview video to give us the lowdown on what we can expect when it arrives.

Three modes will be available at release, including a campaign mode that puts you in the shoes of a demolition business owner (how appropriate) who engages in a variety of capers from destroying private property to corporate espionage. If you’re more of the “I just want to blow stuff up” type of person, the sandbox mode is for you – there you’ll be able to give Teardown’s physics engine a run for its money. And finally, if you prefer to build things, creative mode lets you craft items, structures, and vehicles from in-game materials.

Teardown is available now for pre-order on Xbox and is releasing day one on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium. Check out the new overview trailer below: