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Arizona Sunshine 2 brings next-gen VR zombie-slaying to the masses on December 7th

by: Jason -
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Today, developer Vertigo Games announced that its zombie survival FPS Arizona Sunshine 2 is launching December 7th for PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest, and Steam VR. As a proper sequel to the hit original, Arizona Sunshine 2 will bring full manual reloading to the franchise, as well as new weapons such as flamethrowers, and a new melee combat system complete with new melee tools of death.

Vertigo Games is also touting a new advanced gore and mutilation system featuring brutally realistic takedowns, which you can get a glimpse of in the new gameplay trailer below. There is also a tease for a co-op mode, which they say will be included at launch. Oh, and how could I forget the adorable sidekick, Buddy the dog. Is it just me, or does this look excellent?

Pre-orders for Arizona Sunshine 2 are available now with a $49.99 Standard Edition and $59.99 Deluxe Edition on offer. Each version comes with a smattering of pre-order bonuses, while the Deluxe version can be had for 10% off prior to launch.