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Dark Protocol mid-season event brings killer AI cyborgs to Battlefield 2042

by: Jason -
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Battlefield 2042’s latest season is well underway and today DICE has revealed a new in-game event called Dark Protocol, which will run from October 31st through November 14th across all platforms. As has been teased for weeks now, Dark Protocol will feature AI-controlled synthetic soldiers known as Geists, which have overtaken the secret Boreas research and development facility seen in the new Redacted map.

The new event brings with it a new limited-time game mode called Killswitch, a 12v12 playlist that pulls in the Manifest, Hourglass, and Spearhead maps, in addition to Redacted. The goal is to take control of a zone, build up to 40 killer Geists, and use them to attack the opposing team and secure nodes one at a time. Of course, you'll also need to survive the enemy team and their synthetics – it’s all very “I, Robot”, as you can see in the brand-new trailer below: