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Highly anticipated free-to-play shooter THE FINALS announces open beta

by: Jason -

At long last, console players will get their first taste of the highly anticipated competitive first-person shooter THE FINALS, from developer Embark Studios. The best part is that we only have one more sleep until we get to check out the game, as it will take place October 26th to November 5th across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, with crossplay support across all platforms.

THE FINALS is a team-based shooter framed as a combat game show where teams compete for riches and fame. As you can see in the open beta trailer below, it features fully destructible arenas inspired by real-world locales. The destructible environments are quite impressive, but Embark Studio is comprised of several former DICE employees who worked on the Battlefield franchise – itself renowned in the past for impressive destruction physics.

The beta is stuffed with content, including three arenas, five game modes, and a free 16-tier battle pass with unlocks that will transfer to the full game when it releases. There will also be five leagues with permanent rewards for each one. In addition, you’ll be able to test out a large chunk of the game’s equipment including 20 weapons, 26 gadgets, and nine abilities.

Interested players can sign-up for (wishlist, really) the beta at the game’s website, and do be sure to watch this spectacular trailer on your way out. My excitement is immeasurable.