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Explore the world of My Time at Sandrock in a new trailer for the sandbox RPG

by: Jason -
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My Time at Sandrock has been available on Steam Early Access for a while now; long enough for one player to accrue more than 4,000 hours with the game, according to Steam reviews, which you must admit is a bonkers amount of time with one game. Based on the latest trailer for the sandbox RPG, the world of Sandrock is full of life and things to do, which certainly helps explain the high hour-counts I’ve been seeing today while researching this game.

The story sees you arriving in Sandrock as the town’s newest Builder. From there you will construct and expand the community while befriending its inhabitants. There are hundreds of side-quests and over 40 characters to get to know and to keep you busy along the way. As you interact more with your neighbors, you’ll develop friendships and relationships, and can even take them to the local saloon for dinner and drinks.

My Time at Sandrock appears to be a mile wide and a mile deep – check out the new trailer below to get a sense of its narrative and community. It is launching 1.0 on November 2nd for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, with a PS4 release still in the works.