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Become a crime scene investigator in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers’ new update

by: Jason -
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Developer Aesir Interactive has released a new update for its cult-hit title Police Simulator: Patrol Officers that lets players channel their inner Gil Grissom. The so-called Crime Scene Update is free for all who own the game and expands the player’s role in responding to crime callouts around the fictional city of Brighton. When responding to a call, you can now secure the scene with poles and tape, as well as mark and document evidence with the new evidence marker tool. Once your initial investigation is complete, a manhunt for the perpetrator ensues. Alongside the Crime Scene Update, a new patrol vehicle has been added as paid DLC. The Multipurpose Police Vehicle (MPV for short) is a four-door truck with a towing winch on the front that allows you to move damaged vehicles out of the way.

I was able to take the new update and the MPV vehicle for a spin recently, courtesy of publisher Astragon Entertainment, which you can check out in the video below. The new crime scene investigations bring a welcome layer to the simulator, but a quick PSA – make sure you start a new shift following the update, as I cruised around town for a good while on a previous save before realizing the update hadn’t been applied yet. Once I got rolling, it felt good to be back protecting and serving the citizens of Brighton, who hilariously struggle to obey the law – even the witnesses at my crime scenes were drunk half the time. The game’s quirkiness is something I enjoyed in my original review last year, and nothing has changed in that regard. Likewise, the technical performance is still all over the place, with bugs galore, which is disappointing to see from a year-old game. Despite that, fans of the game (myself included) have chosen to look past the messiness in favor of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers’ inner beauty, which is still one of my favorite simulator experiences on console.

See the new update and DLC vehicle in action below. Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is available now on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.