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NHL 24 is out now, try it with a 10-hour trial

by: Rob -
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Released yesterday, NHL 24 is available for purchase. However, if you were following my related trial scheme for EA Sports FC, you can use the same technique to check out the Hockey franchise before committing your hard earned cash. EA Play is offering the same 10-hour trial for NHL 24 as it did with EA Sports FC, so for a $5 you can lock down a month of EA Play's back catalog of games while also diving into 10 hours of the latest sports releases. All progress during the trials carry over into a full game purchase if you decide it's worth it. 

Again, the caveat to all of this for console gamers remains: be careful not to confuse EA Play (available to all gamers) with the more expensive Play Pro which is just for PC. While the Pro option is a pretty good deal, $100 for the year gets you not just the trials but full access to the latest games during your active subscription, it's just not available through consoles - Xbox or Playstation. This one shouldn't be too confusing as there isn't even an NHL version for PC to begin with, only current and last-gen console versions. 

While on EA Play don't forget to check for any unlockable rewards and be sure to take advantage of the standard 10% full purchase of EA games. The $5 you spend to trial for the month could save you $7 off the full price game. More info is on EA's website: https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/ea-play