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Try before you buy: EA Sports FC 24 edition

by: Rob -
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I wrote similar advice back for FIFA 22, but in my ongoing complicated relationship with the FIFA, now EA Sports FC, series I sometimes am hesitant to plump down $50 per year (showing my age - the game is $70 now...) unless I know my gameplay frustrations from the previous year have been corrected and I'm not flushing money on a roster update. I can't quit you FIFA EA FC, but I can wait until Black Friday when your game will inevitably be thirty or forty bucks instead. Enter: EA Play

EA Play is EA's subscription service that offers access to old and new games, depending on the subscription tier. Your basic tier offers the old library of games while the "Pro" tier also allows you to jump into new releases, as long as your sub is active. It is worth noting that the Pro tier is PC only, not for consumption on consoles (PlayStation or Xbox). However, even with the basic tier you can get 10 hour trials on most of the newest sports titles, like... (drumroll) EA Sports FC 24 of course

It's $30 for the year for the basic sub but only $5 for a single month (and last month on PlayStation they were even running a $0.99 special for the first month, but you need to check your PSN account to see if it's still available for you). Given I already have access to most of the back catalogue I'd be interested in - either through previous purchases or PS Plus freebies; one month and 10 hours access is more than enough to make the informed decision to buy or wait on EA Sports FC 24. You can also go right to "Subscriptions" in your PlayStation Account Management settings and cancel right away if you're worried about spilling over into the next month and will of course keep your access until the end of the current month when the five bucks you did put down expires. 

The other bonus EA Play gives you is 10% off a full purchase of an EA game. So $5 on the month, if you decide to buy the $70 game, actually saves you $7 on the purchase, a net gain of two bucks. Go treat yourself to upsizing your next latte with all the fiscal savvy you're displaying!