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Heist and destroy beautiful voxels when Teardown heads to consoles November 15th

by: Jason -
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Publisher Saber Interactive and developer Tuxedo Labs announced that voxel-style destruction heist game Teardown is heading to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on November 15th. Pre-orders are available now on Xbox, while PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers will get to enjoy it as a day one release onto the service.

Teardown includes a 40-mission heist campaign that requires you to solve environmental puzzles through various forms of destruction. Run a car through the side of a building to gain access? You can do totally do that. Also available are a Sandbox Mode that combines all the areas from the campaign into a large playground, as well as Creative Mode, which lets you build your own voxel structures.

Tuxedo Labs also announced the game’s first season pass, which will add four DLC packs to the game over the next year. The first is called Time Campers and features a Wild West theme. It will be available alongside the console launch on November 15th. The second is called Folkrace, and it introduces destruction derby-style racing modes, three racetracks, and new vehicles in the Spring of 2024.

I’ve been keen for Teardown since it popped up at a PlayStation event earlier this year, and can we all just agree that voxel art on modern hardware is simply gorgeous? Good, it’s settled then.