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Battlefield 2042 is cooking up something eerie for Season 6

by: Jason -
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If you’re a regular reader of Gaming Nexus, you might already know that I’m a massive Battlefield 2042 mark. As such, I have been keeping my ear to the ground in the Battlefield community regarding what is coming next alongside Season 6. The “too long; didn’t read” version is that something eerie is brewing in the world of Battlefield 2042. For nerds like me who enjoy this stuff, developer DICE has been drip feeding lore since the game launched in 2021, all of which has led us to this moment.

For starters, No-Pats, the soldiers of the 2042 universe, have been disappearing in the middle of operations for some time now, leaving their weapons and equipment behind and essentially vanishing from the battlefield. Additionally, secret research facilities and covert operations have been introduced to the lore in recent weeks, culminating today with the release of redacted top-secret documents which include the words “contain”, “biological”, “execute”, “on”, and “sight”. DICE has also shared a new memo detailing the Warriors Reborn program that has utilized neural link and prosthetics technologies to “restore” more than 20,000 soldiers to operational capacity.

So, what does it all mean? Well, that I’m a huge nerd, for one, but more importantly, that something which sounds to me like cyborgs or zombies (or cyborg zombies) is coming to Battlefield 2042 in Season 6. This has also been the most prevalent rumor percolating through the Battlefield 2042 community as we head for the October spooky season. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer to find out officially what is happening in the new season.