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Barrel Smash Studios adds a second free expansion to PvZ-like Riftbound

by: Eric -
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Barrel Smash Studios, the indie team behind the fantastic PvZ-like Riftbound, are continuing to add more and more content to the game. Following the positive reception to Riftbound's first expansion Summoner's Path, which expanded the base game with new roguelike gameplay elements, the team at Barrel Smash are now unveiling a new expansion, titled Demonlore.

For those that have not yet experienced Riftbound, picture a game that uses similar mechanics to Plants Vs. Zombies, but tuned to the point where the player is kept on the razor's edge of defeat, requiring a much higher level of strategy and precision. In our original review of the game, we said "Riftbound is a total nailbiter of a game. Barrel Smash Studios takes the Plants Vs. Zombies model and elevates it to something that requires speed, strategy, and precision at its highest levels, ultimately showing what heights this neglected genre can achieve. Show up for the casual fun, stay for the hardcore gameplay and irresistible addiction."

The new content in Demonlore adds six starting characters, new minibosses, and a "veterancy" mechanic that allows individual units to advance and improve. There are now 10 different runs of varying length, which include different themes and enemy types. The expansion also gives the player the ability to summon high-tiered units directly into battle, without needing to build them up over time. 

The previous expansion dramatically added to the existing game, with a ton of new content and modes that made Riftbound feel new all over again. I'm expecting more of the same from Demonlore; this is a team deeply committed to making the best version of this game possible. Existing players can check out Demonlore right now in the public testing branch of the game. Learn more about Riftbound (and Demonlore) at the game's official website and Discord.