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Zombies mode comes to the Modern Warfare universe for the first time on November 10th

by: Jason -
More On: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2023)

Alongside the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on November 10th, the mega popular Zombies mode will come to the Modern Warfare sub-universe for the first time ever. The open-world PvE extraction-style survival mode is being developed by Treyarch in collaboration with Sledgehammer Games, and today we have a new cinematic trailer to set the table for this new Zombies story.

In a nutshell, bad guy Victor Zakhaev has unleashed a new zombie horde by shattering a vial of Aetherium at an unknown location where the new Zombies mode will take place. Task Force 141 operators, including Soap MacTavish and Sergei Ravenov are called in by Kate Laswell to initiate Operation Deadbolt – a mission to contain the zombie outbreak at all costs.

Modern Warfare Zombies will see players team-up with other player squads across different regions of the largest Zombies map to-date as you complete missions of rising difficulty. This iteration of the co-op mode is said to feature more zombies than ever before, and those pre-order Modern Warfare 3 can gain instant access to a “Zombie Ghost” operator skin for use in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone that will carry over when Modern Warfare 3 launches November 10th.