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Release date set for Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

by: Rob -
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Announced at Summer Games Fest, Square Enix took the next step of turning the promise of the Final Fantasy VII remake into reality. In the recent PlayStation State of Play event, they unveiled the release trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth and set the launch date - February 29th, 2024 on PS5. This is the follow up to the first installment, Final Fantasy VII Remake, which only covered the first parts of the epic Final Fantasy VII adventure from 1997. Remake and Rebirth are the first two parts of an eventual trilogy which will encompass the entire game.  This one, however, is only releasing on the latest-gen console - PS5 only, not PS4. 

There will be both digital and physical editions of the game available, with a Standard and Deluxe option for each. Deluxe edition also includes a CD or digital download of the soundtrack, artbook, and on physical version a steelbook case. There is also a Twinpack that combines Remake with Rebirth and nets you both of those first two installments, also in Standard or Deluxe. Lastly, there is a Collector's Edition for $350 with a collectible statue and other goodies. It is of course a physical edition as statues are hard to deliver digitally...

Although not announced at this time, I expect a PC version will eventually follow the PS5 version at some future date. For Remake that took a little over a year to come. I have no insight about that timeline with Rebirth.