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Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth coming 2024, and we are...whoa.

by: joseph -
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We don't know what we just witnessed. It took us an entire day to even type words to article. We don't collectively know what to say. During Summer Game Fest, Square Enix gave us an exclusive look at Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, the second in the three part series (or fourth if you count intergrade, and Crisis Core Reunion). We saw open world outside of Midgar, where you spent pretty much the entirety of the game. We saw chocobos. We saw large bosses. We saw team up attacks. We saw Elena from the turks. The trailer opens up with our whole party wiped out, confirming...something? I don't know. We here at Gaming Nexus just don't know. Apparently there's a plan in place to catch you up, if you're a crazy person and didn't play the first installment. 

Just...here. Watch it again. Also watch the trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, because that's a turn based mobile game based on the series, and a closed beta test will be from July 6th to July 13th. You can pre-register for that here. Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth will release in early 2024, and on 2 discs, which means you're going to need hard drive materia. What in the world are we in for?