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Helldivers 2 launches for PS5 and PC on February 8th

by: Jason -
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At long last, we have a release date for third-person cooperative shooter Helldivers 2, though it is a bit later than originally expected. During today’s PlayStation State of Play, developer Arrowhead Game Studios announced the game will launch February 8th for PlayStation 5 and PC, with pre-orders going live for two editions of the game on September 22nd. It had previously been announced as releasing later this year.

Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

The two editions on offer are the Standard Edition and Super Citizen Edition, both of which come with three armor sets if you pre-order. The premium Super Citizen Edition includes several bonus items – the DP-53 Savior of the Free armor set, Will of the People cape, MP-98 Knight submachine gun, Super Citizen status for your character, and an add-on minigame to equip on your ship called Stratagem Hero. It also includes access to Premium Warbond content, which sounds a lot like a season pass.

Helldivers 2 is one of my most anticipated upcoming games, and I am keenly looking forward to spreading managed democracy early next year. Check out some new gameplay with massive titan bug enemies: