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Multiplayer shooter FOAMSTARS gets PS5 open beta, early 2024 release window

by: Jason -

Square Enix announced that third-person multiplayer shooter FOAMSTARS will host an open beta on PlayStation 5 from September 29th through October 1st. The event if officially called the “FOAMSTARS OPEN BETA PARTY” and will feature two game modes – Smash the Star and Happy Bath Survival – as well as eight playable characters. In Smash the Star, two teams of four players compete to be the first to seven knockouts. Once a team reaches seven knockouts, a Star Player is chosen for each side and the match continues until a team’s Star is eliminated. Happy Bath Survival is another 4v4 mode that sees two “infield” players and two “outfield” players battle in an arena, with victory achieved by eliminating the other team’s infield players.

The eight characters available in the beat will include Soa, ?GITO, Tonix, Jet Justice, Mel T, The Baristador, Rave Breaker, and Pen Gwyn - each with their own look, play style, special weapons, and skills. The beta will be free to download from the PlayStation Store once it goes live on September 29th. FOAMSTARS was originally planned to release later this year, but was given an early 2024 release window at today’s PlayStation State of Play.