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Sci-fi social deduction multiplayer game Mannequin announced for PS VR2

by: Jason -
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Over on the PlayStation Blog today, Fast Travel Games announced a new social deduction sci-fi multiplayer game called Mannequin, coming to PlayStation VR2 in 2024. The world of Mannequin has been rocked by the arrival of an extraterrestrial force (hitting a little close to home nowadays, eh?), with locations across the globe mysteriously freezing in time. Personnel called to these affected sites have also mysteriously become frozen in time. Aliens are to blame, of course, and specifically the titular Mannequins that stalk those very sites. A group of special agents are called in to hunt down the aliens while avoiding becoming another human statue themselves.

Mannequin plays out in matches of three aliens versus two agents, all controlled by human players. The objective is simple – wipe out the other team to win – but with a few twists along the way. Mannequins can blend in seamlessly with the environment by assuming a pose and freezing in place, lying in wait to ambush the agents. On the other hand, agents have equipment to help them detect the location of Mannequins, identify them, and eliminate the threat.

If you’ve ever played the Prop Hunt mode in the Call of Duty games, this sounds somewhat similar, although fleshed out as an entire game. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Mannequin between now and launch. Fast Travel Games has shared an announcement trailer below; it’s cinematic in nature but does an excellent job of illustrating how the game will play.