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WWII co-op zombie shooter Projekt Z: Beyond Order shares new gameplay trailer

by: Jason -
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Cooperative zombie first-person shooter Projekt Z: Beyond Order has shared a new (albeit brief) look at gameplay today. The atmospheric shooter is an alternate history take on World War II in which the Nazis were able to weaponize zombies in an attempt to turn the tide of war. Projekt Z: Beyond Order is in development for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, but publisher Modus Games has offered no release date at this point.

Players will choose from a diverse crew of soldiers, each with their own unique abilities and story arcs for you to experience across missions on a zombie-filled island. You’ll build and customize your hideout, craft weapons, recruit allies, and gather loot as you fight hordes of zombies in the game's various modes. The gameplay footage is from pre-alpha, but it certainly looks promising. Check it out: