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Dude, where's my engrams? Destiny 2 drops the ball

by: Rob -
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It started with a Tweet by the official Bungie account for Destiny 2:


And concluded when many players, like myself, logged in yesterday to the first Iron Banner of the new season only to find all the Iron Banner engrams from the previous Season of the Deep had in fact not carried over to the present Season of the Witch and were lost in the ether of Bungie's inadequate comms. 

It stinks, yeah. I probably lost 40+ engrams that could have been traded in for new rolls of weapons and armor in an exclusive activity that only happens three times per season and around a dozen times per year. I don't expect to get them back and am willing to bet it was just a miscommunication between the dev team that controls what rolls over and the marketing department that manages the community. But it also speaks to two larger problems that have been bubbling up with Bungie and Destiny 2:

  • Firstly, Bungie seems to be pulling back more and more from community engagement in general. Some of it for good reason, but engagement in popular outlets in the past like Reddit and other social media have become noticeably more infrequent in the last year or so, especially after long-serving Community Manager Dylan Gafner, aka dmg04, left. 
  • And secondly, Twitter has become an entirely inadequate platform to then basically use as your sole method of communicating with your playing community. This would be true for any game but especially for an MMO-type game as a service. As people in general are leaving or at least leveling off fromTwitter en masse (60% have taken a break in the last year and 25% say they will quit in the next year according to Pew Research) it's going to be harder and harder to even hear communications like this or similar clarifications (even though this one was flat wrong...).

So shame about the lost engrams, but let's hope for better days ahead with better comms. Oh, and don't believe anything you read. If a game drops you a reward, cash it in or risk losing it forever. Lesson learned.